Programa Uma Terra e Duas Águas – P1+2


Convention – Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social / Banco do Nordeste (2012–2013)

Construction of concrete plate cisterns for rain water catchment and storage and training for the coexistence with semi-arid.

Social mobilization; monitoring; selection and registration of families; training for families in water resources management, citizenship and coexistence with semi-arid; Construction
of concrete plate cisterns.

Convention – Petrobras (2013)

Implementation of the program called P1+2, aiming to foment the implementation of social technologies aimed at water access for self-consumption food production, through technical training, experience exchange and the construction of concrete plate and brick cisterns, underground dams, trench-barriers.

Selection and registration of families (concrete plate cisterns, brick cisterns, underground dams, small dams, trench-barriers, stone tanks and popular water pumps); Technical
training for families in water resources management; Training in the water for production simplified system handling; Municipal committee training about selection criteria; Bricklayer training; Training and support to the seeds house; Training and support of plant nursery; Exchange visit between family farmers in order to multiply interstate and intermunicipal experiences; Implementations; Implementation of productive character; Municipal, territorial and state meetings.


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