CETRA develops most of its actions at Curu and Aracatiaçu Valleys Territory, Central Backwoods Territory, Sobral, Inhamuns, Ibiapaba, Maciço de Baturité and Canindé Backwoods Territory. CETRA acts from the following strategic lines: Agroecology and Coexistence with Semi-arid, Socio-environmental Actions, Socioeconomic Solidarity, Strengthening Social Organizations and Networks, Rural Youth, Women and Communication.


In the land we passed by it’s easy to find people willing to build a democratic rural world, with effective participation of women and youth looking for public policy that works in a way to overcome socioeconomic, cultural, political and gender differences. People who on the daily life defend and fight for the right to the land and its sustainable use. People who take part on local political life through associations, unions, political parties, networks, forums, councils and collegiates.


People who know the importance of their own history, their own traditions and know how to make and remake paths, stating the cultural diversity and forms to produce in sintony with the socio-environmental reality, with solidarity, organization, equality, justice and respect.


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