Terra Viva: um Novo Olhar da Juventude sobre o Meio Rural


Area of ​​activity: Valle del Curu and Aracatiaçu
Top: 2011

CETRA has always supported the self-organization of youth. In this project, young people from 25 communities in the municipalities of Itapipoca and Trairi participate in the project, which seeks to strengthen the organization of youth in the territory, strengthen its identity with the rural environment and promote actions that guarantee income generation. CETRA, with this project, was one of the twenty institutions contemplated in 2010 with the Fund Itaú de Excelência Social – FIES, in the line of Environmental Education, Education for Work and Early Childhood Education.

The key of all is to stimulate the youthful protagonism, giving a new look to the rural environment, generally deferred to the city by young people, being considered a space in which growth and happiness can not be found. To this end, several activities are being carried out, such as meetings, workshops – both related to the management of agroecological products, offering a source of income, as well as photography, in a process of sensitization and identification with the rural environment.

Trying to strengthen political participation as well, we can point out the First Territorial Meeting of Rural Youth in September 2011, and the bimonthly meetings with youth leaderships. Also as a strategy it is worth mentioning the creation of the youth sector committee of the territory to establish partnerships with all sectors that develop actions for this specific public, thus providing the territorial articulation of the youth of the countryside and the city based on a more refined dialogue between Public power and civil society.



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