Produção Agroecológica Integrada e Sustentável


Areas of activity: Curu and Aracatiaçu and Central Sertão valleys
Top: 2010


This technology emerges as a functional alternative to enhance simple and contextualized techniques in rural communities, with agroecological management as the main premise. The objective of the COUNTRY is to enhance the family agroecosystem by integrating existing activities, thus preserving the biome and combining animal husbandry with crop production, with outstanding observation for economic sustainability and optimization of natural resources, minimizing Dependence on non-renewable energies. It is a social technology that generates income for the family farmers, allowing the cultivation of healthier foods. CETRA, in partnership with Instituto Antônio Conselheiro / Quixeramobim, is finalizing the implementation of 150 COUNTRIES in the territories of the Central Sertão, Itapipoca and Sobral.


































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