Fundo Rotativo Agroecológico Solidário


In the field of solidarity finances, CETRA’s most specific work is with revolving funds and credit cooperativism, because those are expressions that strengthen local development in the sustainable perspective and are assumed for family farmers as a credit alternative directed to the strengthening of productive actions and social organizations. Solidarity finances make possible the social insertion of poorer people in the financial system and also the use of economic resources available in rural communities that start to circulate locally and territorially, generating wealth and contributing to the autonomy of farmer families, in addition to, since they are self-managed and democratic options, the solidarity finances create conditions to the communities and families involved in the process emancipation.


The Fundo Rotativo Agroecológico Solidário (FRAS) is a shared management project between CETRA and the Rede de Agricultores/as Agroecológicos/as e Solidários do Território Vales do Curu e Aracatiaçu, working since 2009 from a Banco do Nordeste notice; for its effectiveness, there were set partnerships with formally constituted organizations (Associações Comunitárias, Sindicatos de Trabalhadores e Trabalhadores Rurais, Cooperativa de Crédito Rural da Região de Itapipoca) and informal organizations, like communities productive groups and marketers groups. The main goal of FRAS is to allow farmers organized in groups or associations to access the solidarity credit without beadledom to finance the implementation or improvement of productive units of agroecological handling.


The operation principle is simple: the farmer calls upon the fund to get credit, gives back this amount in a period of time previously agreed according to the farmers possibilities and these same resources will be used for another family or for other needs of the group or community, also strengthening the social organization and creating a bond of union and solidarity between the participants.


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