Conversa de Quintal


The Conversa de Quintal is a CETRA’s Project that emerged from the associates’ suggestion during the Ordinary General Assembly of 2008. The idea is to gather people interested in a topic to discuss and think about it.

Since its beginning every issue treated different topics like women rights, agroecology, youth, food and nutritional safety, agroforestry systems, caatinga biome, the occupancy of semi-arid spaces, pesticides on Ceará’s food, transgenics, childhood and media, democratization of communication, among others.

At CETRA’s head office, in Fortaleza, the talks take place at Quintal das Margaridas. The Quintal das Margaridas is a homage to female leaders from different generations who militated or militate in social and political movements aiming to build a fair, egalitarian and plural world.


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